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What to do Before Applying for a Fix and Flip Loan


Most people are aware of the term commonly referred to as ‘flipping houses’. While there are many television shows that have portrayed this hobby as a lucrative and successful one, like most things it is not as easy as it looks. Before you venture down the road of fixing and flipping homes, there are a [...]

What to do Before Applying for a Fix and Flip Loan2019-04-11T18:47:19+00:00

Is Hard Money Lending Safe?


If you want to borrow money without using traditional mortgage lenders, hard money is the way to go. Individual investors lend money based on the property value and how much the traditional mortgage lenders are willing to invest. Hard money lenders come in handy when traditional lenders will not approve a loan or if loans need [...]

Is Hard Money Lending Safe?2019-04-11T18:47:50+00:00

Are Hard Money Lendings a Good Investment?


Hard money lending is way to borrow money without using traditional mortgage lenders. This may be the only option for those looking to lend money quickly or aren’t able to get approval through traditional mortgage lenders. Since hard money lenders take a different approach and require secured collateral to lend the loan, they don’t necessarily [...]

Are Hard Money Lendings a Good Investment?2019-02-06T19:39:03+00:00

What’s the 70 Rule in House Flipping?


So you have a fixer-upper that you’d like to make a little money off of. You have your target market and ideas for what the cost should look like. But have you considered what your investment will be in the future? That’s where the 70 Rule can come in handy. Many real estate investors use [...]

What’s the 70 Rule in House Flipping?2019-04-04T10:08:55+00:00

The Basics of Commercial Lending


    Seeking your first commercial loan may seem intimidating. Where do you start? Do you need an entire place of business or just some equipment to get you going? Anytime an entrepreneur wants to take out a loan for a business, whether it’s for equipment or basic business needs, it requires a lending agreement [...]

The Basics of Commercial Lending2019-01-21T14:17:14+00:00

When is it the right time to sell your company?


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When is it the right time to sell your company?2019-04-04T10:09:59+00:00