What’s A Fix and Flip Loan?

Fix and flip loans in Denver are used by short term real estate investors to buy or remodel a property before flipping it for any profit. Bold Funding offers fix and flip loans in Denver with competitive rates for our prime borrowers. You can get prequalified online in minutes, see your exact rates, and receive funding in as little as days. We try our best to provide such financing offers fast closings for properties in any condition.

Funding for your Fix and Flip

Bold Funding Group offers to fix and flip loans in Denver to investors and borrowers at the most competitive rates in the market. As soon as we at Bold Funding receive your application package, we can get you an LOI in as little as 24 hours and funding in as little as 15 days. Thus, qualifying for a fix and flip loan is pretty easy with us. Additionally, there is no prepayment penalty for early repayment. Therefore, we are your best choice for getting fixed rate loans in Denver. Primarily, this kind of funding is generally used by real estate investors to renovate the property before initiating the flipping process to gain profits.

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Fixed Rate Loans in Denver: Why Choose Bold Funding?

Easy & Reliable

We provide such fix and flip loans in Denver that are generally acquired on a short-term basis to purchase a house such as a duplex or a condo and then it is renovated and immediately sold. Whether you are refinancing, a first-time buyer, buying a rental property, or you’re finally ready for your dream home, we have you covered. Let our fixed-rate loans in Denver professionals guide you through the maze of purchasing or renovating a house with relative ease.

Competitive Rates

We understand how important your home and assets are and hence give competitive fix and flip loans in Denver to accomplish your every dream. Our Fix & Flip program is based on your entire project cost, which means both purchase and remodels projects. As a result, we can give you the funds you need to snap up great properties and then slow-release funds to make remodeling work possible. This makes us stand out from other loan providers.

Easy Loans for Residential Investors

At Bold Funding, we offer our fixed rates loan in Denver to residential investors as well. Due to our extensive work experience, we know exactly what our customers need and try our best to give them the results they are looking for.

We Are Flexible

We welcome your ideas as well. We are entirely aware that the needs of our customers will vary. Our customers demand loan programs to help them meet their specific goals. At Bold Funding, we understand this and offer flexibility with our business-oriented financial solutions to satisfy all the demands of our potential customers. We are passionate about giving you such funds that banks or other financial institutions won’t.

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